I am back…..

September 02 2009

Well after taking 6 months I have decided that I am coming back on line to blog and I am not letting anyone make me so mad that I stop voicing my opinion. If you don’t like to read what I have to Say then don’t read my blog. I am not going to let Internet bullies run me off and make me scared to say what I feel. I have thought about this and realize I do miss blogging even though I am not like most bloggers on line. I have my own style. Like me for me or get over it!


Final post!

March 13 2009

It really has been fun to blog and meet people but I have decided this orning that I am not going to blog anymore. There are reasons that are for me to know. I have met some great people through the blog and I will cherish that until I die. thanks again blogging world! It’s been a wild ride!


Feel good Friday!

March 05 2009

My friend from Hoots made a cover!

January 13 2009

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MagMyPic.com


testing for myspace

January 10 2009



What do you think? sad?

January 04 2009

I’m watching you

December 22 2008

I am watching the house now and have certain things going in place to keep my home safe. Be carefull if your learking around my property now!

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