how can this happen?

September 08 2006

how can our justice dept in rutherford county let this happen….how can a man get arrested 3 times in 5 days for felony drug possession? What is our judges thinking…damn..here is the article from the D N J

A Murfreesboro man was arrested three times in less than five days of charges of felony possession of marijuana.

Rutherford County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Robert Merritt, 39, of 1715 Minerva Road in Murfreesboro on Friday night, seizing 2.5 pounds of marijuana.

On Saturday, La Vergne Police Department’s narcotics unit — along with the department’s Special Operations Group — took Merritt down with 23 pounds of marijuana. The narcotics unit and the sheriff’s deputies conducted a joint operation on Tuesday in La Vergne, and found another 39 pounds of the drug. Merritt also had Lortab on him when arrested, police said.

Merritt was charged with felony possession of Schedule VI (marijuana) by sheriff’s deputies on Friday and two counts of felony possession of Schedule VI and felony possession of Schedule III (Lortab) by La Vergne police on Tuesday.

Another unnamed suspect is in federal custody at this time, La Vergne police said.

For more on this story, check dnj.com and the Friday, Sept. 8 edition of The Daily News Journal.


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  1. That is pretty amazing! I can’t believe he was out of jail with that much pot!

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