Gays raising children!

September 13 2006

Here is some facts and studies I have found on the web about gays raising children….I find this interesting and you might too. This might change your mind when you vote in the next month or so and the gay marriage bill might not come to pass for the better……

Senior Noam Dror’s parents bring him chicken soup whenever he has a cold. They scold him when his room isn’t clean. They nag him to finish his homework and smother him with hugs after a bad day. His two moms have done everything required of caring, loving parents, so when Dror is confronted with awkward stares and raised eyebrows because his parents are gay, he’s liable to be a bit upset. As the controversy over gay parenting continues to grow, Dror and the other 10 million children of gay, lesbian or bisexual parents in the U.S. cannot escape the ignorance and curious questions inherent in the lifestyle. But they stress that, aside from being confronted with prejudice in occasion, their lives are similar to those of children of heterosexual parents. more here at silverchips

now I have yet to hear about a gay couple leaving their kid in a locked car when its hot outside or beating the kid till he is black and blue or tieing him up and starving him, or neglecting him….

The issue of being a gay/bisexual parent is more prevalent than one may imagine. There are an estimated one million gay fathers currently living in the United States and Canada. (Barret and Robinson, Gay Fathers, 1990). The numbers are most likely even higher as this is a topic that is highly emotionally charged and in many circles taboo to discuss. Social pressures often keeping this issue sworn to secrecy affect not only the gay/bi parent, but also the spouse and children. The sense of isolation can be overwhelming at times. For simplicity in writing I will use the word “gay” though I ask the reader to be aware that “bisexual” is another valid and very real orientation, that some of these men do use to self-identify.
more on this issue


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