September 15 2006

I have had it with the teens that are acting up in this town….today at 11:45am 40 to 50 afirican american teens came on our street ready to fight someone and it was total madness. the police was called and when the police got here the teens were running…if your a parent in Lavergne and dont know what you child is doing during the day then you better sit them down and have a nice little talk with them because it is affecting others that have to live here. I call the school and no one answered the phone so it rang into the main office in the boro. the lady there acting like it was funny by saying well lavergne plays riverdale tonight and maybe some of the lavergne players will not playing tonight and riverdale will win….the teens that were here were in school jerseys and even one chearleader was seen…do we as a people now have to fear these teens? I think not!!! dont bring your problems in my neighborhood…..I know most teens are good kids but the bad apples are bot going to be tolerated here….


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  1. Well you know school ended early today (a half day). Parents were probably all at work and the kids roamed. Yuck.

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