September 18 2006

It is almost that time of year again for the die hard shopper to be out there shopping for the best bargain. Black friday to most is the day after thanksgiving and it when the malls and stores are so busy I wouldnt be caught dead in one. I worked at wal mart back in the 1990’s and dreaded the day after. I was electronics dept mgr and the fisrt year for me was crazy. That ia the year when nintendo came out with the 64 game system and we had about 50 on hand and when we opened the doors at 6am my god the mad rush to my dept. I remember doing $175,000 just in that day alone.Well its coming and if you usually get a game plan then dont wait until thanksgiving day to see the ads. you can now see all the good ads here coming in Oct. have fun and shop safely…merry christmas to you early!!


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