time goes by…..

September 21 2006

OK all …A blogger had a birthday the other day and it has me thinking now. I will be turning the 40 next month and it doesn’t seem that I am that old but I am. I have heard it is all downhill from 40 but don’t want to believe that. I feel like I am only 21 or so and have alot of life in me. I had planned on taking the weekend off and going out of town but I have changed my mind and decided to change my plans and go out of town on my 3 days off I normally have. So I am going to work on my birthday weekend and then in Nov. I am going to the cabin for some great rest and relaxation.

I have a question for you and wondered if it was just me that feels this way. Is it me or is time just flying by? It seems like it was just yesterday that it was June or July and now Sept is already gone. Wow where is the time going? stop and let me off…lol


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