Phil Bredeson

September 25 2006

Ok everyone I am not much into politics but I saw an tv ad last night and I am going to blog about my feelings. The ad was from his opponent Jum. It states that there is currurption in Phils administration but come on this happens in everyone administration. You cant blame Phil for peoples action. Phil has been a really good governor. the ad also states the illegal immagration which if you look at it it start many many yrs ago before Phil was in office. Next it stats tenn care which he pulled alot of sick people off but wait a minute he pulled alot of people that were using the system and frauding our government. He did create a new insurance plan for us that really need which is myself because I couldnt get tenncare. If everyone remembers right when he first got into office he didnt get paid for the yr. Now will Jim do that? Dont think so. Jim will be more about trying to get himself a raise then work a year for free. If you going to run an ad on tv just be honest and dont try to lie about the other person running against you. Phil also has brought more jobs in the satate as well. Look at the headquarters of Nissan moving here. The republicans didnt get them to come here Phil did. Now go and talk trash about someone else!!


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