Whats up with wal-mart?

September 28 2006

I went to wal-mart last night here in smyrna after work to pick up a few things. I hadn’t been there since right after Christmas last year and heard they did a remodel. Well I went to the store about 3:30am this morning when no one was there. the store looked nice even though everything was moved around but the depts looked much bigger. I was shopping when I saw a lady I knew from a few yrs ago and we talked about the holidays coming and I said I had to come in soon and put my things on lay-away and she said” we don’t have lay-away anymore” I am like WHAT??? She said it was not making the company any money so the got rid of it. How can this not make wal mart any money when at thanksgiving they have to order in trailer trucks to put lay aways in there plus the long lines of people. I don’t understand what the are thinking. I told her wal mart is changing and its not for the good she laughed. I know alot of people use the layaway for their kids gifts because they cant afford to buy them all at once so this yr it is going to hurt some families. which I guess will mean more kids needing help from Bob Parks….wow I didnt realize the affect something does have on people……if you cant skate please just come out and spend alittle time and money for this great cause on Oct 10th!!! call me if you want to donate anything…995-2636


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  1. The end of Wal-Mart’s layaway program was in the news a week or two ago, and one of the reasons the company gave was to say that there was less demand for it and that more people had options like credit cards which made layaway unnecessary. No doubt Wal-Mart will try to steer some of these people to its own credit cards. The trouble is that some of the people who use layaway are the people who, like me, don’t need to be racking up any new debt.

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