Skate center Smyrna!!

September 29 2006

the skate center of Smyrna will of course be the place we will be meeting on Oct 10th for our “CHRISTMAS FOR THE CHILDREN” bENEFIT. The fun starts at 6:30pm and goes until 9pm! The skate center hasnt yet updated their website for next month. Paul Plunkett has been the manager there for over 22 years and is known in town to be one of the most respected men around! If you have any questions you can contact Kathy T. or call contact me on my cell phone at 995-2636 which I am usually able to answer most questions but your best bet is to call me later on in the evening for I work at nights at the skate center cleaning.


  1. Mark, I told everyone in my karate class on Thursday about it.

  2. Great and thank you….I am working hard on this to make sure we can make some children have a great Christmas this year and I know everyone else is doing their part too .

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