Tracking sexual preditors!

September 30 2006

OK everyone wants to know if there is someone living near them that has been convicted of a sex crime. There was a report on news channel 5. I have the perfect solution for this problem. Since these criminals don’t want to let us know where they are then we can do either of these things. First we can implant a device inside of them to track them like they do when they put someone on house arrest. Second if they have been convicted of a sex crime cut their damn penis off….extreme I know but hey we need to protect our kids. Thirdly place them out in the desert somewhere under a controlled area with guards and if they try to escape then shoot their asses. We really have to look at this problem and not wait until something else happens to our children. This being an election year we need to really get onto our officials about this problem. We are more worried about getting the laws passed with all the pork in them lets step back and look at the real problems with our country!! Our children will be running this country when we are old and not able to. What do you think? do you check regularly to see if someone lives near you? I check about once a month…..Do your part America~!!!!


One comment

  1. I do check those reports, and uh, I think you mean ‘place them out in the desert’, instead of dessert. I don’t want my cheesecake festooned with predators, thank you…

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