from the Smyrna blog!!

October 03 2006

this is an entry from the Smyrna blog about the event we have coming up….. If this picture doesnt have you in the holiday spirit yet then your a scrooge!!

Greetings all. You may have never visited this site before so if that is the case, welcome. The reason why I titled this post “To All Rutherford County Bloggers” is because I wished to issue a call for help to you.Recently, Kathy Tyson of LaVergne, TN blog wrote about the Bob Parks Realty Christmas fundraiser coming in under budget so far this year. Well, a few of us have taken it upon ourselves to help out. Mark of Drama Llama was able to get the Smyrna Skate Center to open on Tuesday, October 10th and donate a portion of the admission to the cause and Sam Davidson is currently in contact with Kathy about helping to publicize this on Coolpeoplecare.I issued an announcement to Companies donating to the cause that I would list their company on my website for a full year.Now I want to further the effort by asking all the Rutherford County Bloggers to publcize this fundraiser on their blogs. All you need to do is make one short post about the 2006 Christmas Challenge, leave me a comment or email me with a link to the post and I will put a link to your blog on my blog in the 2006 Christmas Challenge Bloggers page.So, what do you say? Heck, even if you don’t live in Rutherford County and would like to particpate, I’ll list your site. Family friendly sites only, please.


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