I’m hungry!

October 06 2006

Well it’s Friday morning and I just woke up and wow I am hungry. I guess lunch is going to be a god one for alot of us are meeting at O’charley’s for lunch today in Smyrna. This is going to be a fun outing for me since I dont get out much other than work or errands. I get to meet th faces behind the blogs. Will they look like what I picture them to look like? I will have to wait and see. I am getting excited about the Tuesday night event”SKATE FOR THE CHILDREN”! i JUST DONT KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL REALLY SHOW UP THIS NIGHT TO SHOW SUPPORT! I know I will be there early to make sure things good good and clean. I am going to work my fanny off Sunday night to make sure everything is fine for this! You still have time to donate something for the auction. I have to start calling around today to see if things are ready to pick up and then pick them up on Monday! I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to be on some since I have to work all weekend. I will be posting but it might be light…..see you all on Tuesday evening


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