October 07 2006

Mom went to wally world today and bought a new vacuum which was way over due. She got a 12 amp and got it home and put it together. Thank god its bagless. well I vacuumed the living room and found all this dirt from the floor. Most of it was dog hair. The carpet looks like its new now. She only paid $49.00 for it! so if your vacuum is old its time to replace it for all this dirt we found is not good to breath people. As much as I hate to vacuum since I do alot of it at work this might give me a reason to vacuum at home…….NOT!!!

Remember: Skate for the Children, October 10th, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m., Smyrna Skate Center. Or contact Kathy T. at 491-2161 to make a donation to the Christmas for the Children fund.



  1. Your Mom is so pretty! Your dog looks so guilty! Is that the 80-pound mutt you were going to sic on me? ha! I spent my afternoon vacuuming too. With two dogs and two cats, it can get gross.

  2. hey dude!! sorry ive been away. my pc broke down but now i bought a new one so we can still keep in touch. your mom looks great. like your dog. i own a german shepperd. i hear vacuming is good exercise, lol. just dont look inside, it can be gross. lol.

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