This must stop!!!

October 10 2006

Ok people there was another shooting in a school today! We have to stop this and the only way to get a handle on this is to get the republicans out of office since they are so for the N.R.A! Why I say this is because we dont need the guns to be so easy to obtain. I dont believe guns and will never own one because I see the danger in them. When I was going to school I didnt have to worry about guns but now everyone must worry about their kids while they are in school. So I am asking everyone of you to get to the polls and vote!! I have finally registered to vote this year and I am going to get my butt out there and vote! Since Bush has been in offfice the country has gone down hill really bad. We are now in a war that we really cant get out of! The gas companies have ripped us off enough, the deficit is climbing so fast we will never have it paid off. Plus now Bush is thinking about what North Korea is doing and that might make him put the draft back into place because our troops are wore out from Iraq! This North Korea issue could start world war 3 if we are not carefull…Please people get out the vote in november if it is the only thing you do this year!!

One comment

  1. problem is not guns, is lack of stronger security for guns at schools.

    the police can police people, but who polices the police?

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