Update on "Skate for the Children"

October 14 2006

I talk to an officer that works at the rink on weekends and he told me he was going to get with the police dept to see what they can do to help us as well. My mother went to do her hair today and fantastic Sam’s told her they would donate something to the silent auction, so I have to go by there Monday and talk with them. The coupons for the schools children to take home will be ready on Mon or use and Kathy T and myself will be taking them to the school at the end of next week so the schools can hand them out to the teachers and then to the children. This is this best way I know of advertising. Aslo, Doug from Bob Parks has email the Rutherford Reader the info and hopefully they will put in an ad. My cousin that has worked with the Gore campaign in 2000 email a senator name Herron and hopefully he will come through with something from the state employees. I now have alot of folks involved and I think Kathy T didn’t think this would really happen when she put the word out there a month ago. Kathy T. is a very caring person and I know a good cause when I see one. I am counting on the Rutherford county bloggers to step up again to help which they will. I hope some of the Nashvhille bloggers will come to this event this time since there is plenty of notice….


  1. Unfortunatley I will not make this event. I have class on Thursdays and there will be a test. If it weren’t for the test I’d be there. Maybe we’ll get out early. 🙂

  2. That’s a pretty picture.

    Are you going to the Panel? I need a bio and an email address so I can get you added to the google group to join the discussion.

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