this is funny at the wal mart

October 20 2006

this really happened on monday as reported by news channel 5 here is what they reported……dont pee on yourself you’ll…..

An Antioch man found himself in a sticky, humiliating situation at a local Wal-Mart on Monday.

He sat down on a toilet in the store’s rest room, only to find himself glued to the seat.

Jeffery Hanserd wants everyone to know that using a public toilet could leave you flushed with embarrassment.

“I walked into the restroom and came out on a stretcher,” Hanserd said. “There’s somebody out there doing dirty low-down things they shouldn’t be doing. I want everyone to know how dangerous it is.”

The recent colon cancer survivor found himself slammed by what he calls a painful prank at the Hamilton Church Road Wal-Mart.

Hanserd said he sat down in super glue someone had put on the toilet seat. Facing an urgent call of nature, Jeffery said he just opened the stall, sat down and couldn’t get up.

“I started knocking for help. Nobody responded. I did it for 30 minutes.”

Most super glue packages warn what happens when the substance contacts skin.

Jeffery has graphic photos showing how the glue tore into his skin.

Some super glues can take up to 20 minutes to set.

The potty prank that could have been set up several minutes before Jeffery sat down in the stall.

“I feel like Wal-Mart is responsible because they’re supposed to check the restrooms,” Hanserd said.

Jeffery warned others to do the same.

Jeffery Hanserd said he’s ready to sue Wal-Mart citing pain, suffering and humiliation. Wal-Mart said it takes the toilet seat incident very seriously and is continuing its investigation into the matter


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  1. Oh my goodness. I’m one of those that doesn’t care where I use the bathroom. I guess I”ll make sure to carry my own supply of seat covers. 😉

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