Can you say mad!!

October 25 2006

I was mad as hell yesterday for my computer was acting really crazy. I had left it on with the
Lavergne blog online and went with Kathy T. to hand out all of the 8200 coupns to all the elem schools. So when I got back the internet showed up WKRN and the lavergne blog. I was thinking twhat the f^ck!!! Well I rebooted and then things really got strange the mouse highlighted everying like I was going to copy and paste then the whole computer locked up. I tried several times to restore from an earlier time but thee was no time to restore from which i had many times on there. so around 8pm I decided to do a factory restore on the system. well that took an hour and then it still wouldnt work . i farted around with this damn computer for another hour and finally fixed the damn thing. I have lot all of my favorites, pics and everything else but I am lucky enough to have all my 700 songs on the other hardrive. I recommend to everyone to get a second hardive and to place anything important on that……


One comment

  1. Mark,
    I hate to hear this. I have everything on another drive these days. Just for this reason. Hugs buddy!

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