24 hours ya’ll

October 26 2006

Ok everyone we only have 24 hours until our skate for the children night to help needy children in the area. I feel that since we have 8200 coupons out to all the schools we should have a great turn out. I know that when some of the schools have their skate nights alot of kids show up so lets all hope we have many children and raise alot of money… My dear friend kathy thinks we will have about 100 and I feel we will do more than just 100. I hope everyone from the blogger world shows up tomorrow night. I already have plans for several events for next year so you are going to have to stay tuned for more here on channel drama llama……

Also another dear friend of mine is under the weather and I hope she gets better and is back to her ole crazy self soon. we love girl!!!!

REMEMBER: ARBONNE REP AND PAMPERED CHEF REP will be there tomorrow night helping us raise some money……

firetruck from Smyrna fire dept will be there as well so come on out kiddies and hope on the truck and play fireman!!!

Kathy T will be fashionable late like last time but we will still greet her with open arms…I think ms Kathy like to make an entrance…what do you think?

Chipper said he has class but will try to show his purdy face for alittle bit!!

I am hoping ms Brittney from N.I.T. will come and surprise us all with her radiance…..until later make your plans now for tomorow night…

much love to you all


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