Insuring same-sex partners breaks biblical law

October 30 2006

this is from the opinion part of today’s newspaper…..and some have commented on this letter….i see that most are upset that the Church goers are trying to get the word out!!!


Insuring same-sex partners breaks biblical law

To the editor,

I pray this is a subject that will not die like others that have been published in the DNJ. This matter should be taken seriously! There is no way that any company should acknowledge, much less insure, same-sex partners.

It’s not that this is the “Bible Belt of the South”; it is the law that is written in the Bible!

There is definitely something wrong with today’s society if people support such acts as marriage and insuring same-sex individuals. What are the morals of this country coming to?

I hope that this will be illegal for any company to enforce.

Rebecca McCoy

now the comments:

But so is the road to heaven, the road contains many passages and detours that can distract us from the best route. Is there scripture that provides ones direction to stay off this path….of course there is. The issue becomes when the narrow minded majority has to foot the bill for immorale high risk life styles. Why should it be that the majority should incur higher premiums and co pays so that the minority can be appeased. My premiums and co pays escalate due to your high risk behavior and thats where the problem lies. You are also correct that it is no ones business who you spend your life with…..However your life isn’t over when you and your significant other stops breathing…..it’s just beginning……enjoy your journey and your final destination.Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 5:00 pm

Since when is it a sin to insure same sex partners? And just WHERE in the Bible does it condemn this? Get over it. It is not for you or me to judge ANYONE. If folks who are of the same gender fall in love and want to be married, whose business is it? Certainly not the religious right’s. Who I fall in love with, who I marry, and with whom I choose to spend my life is no one’s business but mine and my partner’s. I have no desire to be ruled by those whose narrow minds and self-righteous ideals are the foundations of the greatest hypocrisy known to America today.
Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 3:54 pm

I won’t judge them, but we all will be judged. It is not up to me or you to decide if they should have insurance. I think everyone deserves to have medical care. However, it does say in the bible that we should not have sexual relations with someone of the same sex. Read it for yourself.Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 12:01 pm
Ah, righteous indignation from the narrow minded. Maybe some vehemence in there too. It is bad enough that there are same sex couples out there but we now know the world is going to hell in a handbasket with those companies offering insurance to partners in same sex unions – those terrible sinners. Got to get her copy of the Bible where it is a sin to offer insurance coverage to same sex partners.
Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 6:48 am

I am glad that many feel the way I do. It is not for us to judge someone. The churches are they to teach the bible and not play politics. They sure dont need to play politics since they dont have to pay taxes. But out and let people make their own minds up!!!


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