40 years old and finally voted!!

November 01 2006

yippeeee. i finally got my lazy ass and went to vote. this is a first for me. just turning 40 and not voted before is weird. I did vote this time because I am sick of the way the country is being ran and hope to get some good people in plus admendment 1 was on the ballot and yes i voted no no no….the Smyrna location was busy but the wait was only 40 minutes and it didnt seem long since two of my good friends went with me. Bad Bad IVY and KATHY T plus a tag along…little cute nate. Ivy’s little boy is such a cutie. Ivy did do a video while we had lunch so maybe she will share it with us soon. Thanks guys for having lunch with me. It gets lonely being off during the week and no one to talk with. You girls are the best and are wonderful friends to have. I cherish that!!

One comment

  1. I doubt I’ll put the video together, I’m lazy as shit, haha. I had fun today! Oh, and why is your blog raining T’s?

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