Happy November 1st

November 01 2006

Well its November 1st already and we only have 54 days until Christmas. Now that Halloween is over I am going to start to work on the Christmas decorations. It will take me one whole day to go through everything to make sure all the lights work. Then it will take me another 2 days to get everything placed up outside just the way I like it. Then it will take a full day to decorate the inside of the house. This year we have 3 trees to put up. I will probably put one of the trees on the front porch for all to see, one in the den and the new 7 foot tree in the living room. This is my favorite time of year and with having 3 days off during the week I have these days to get ready to decorate. Next week I might be going out of town so today I will be getting up going to early vote and then bringing everything up from the basement to start going through things. I have started a Santa collection a few yeas ago and it seems to be growing some each year. I find cheap Santa’s usually around $1.00 to $5.00 so if anyone sees a nice cheap Santa let me know! ALSO I have created another blog for those that want to send me pics of their house decorated for the holidays and then I will post them and the info about where to see your wonderful home on the new blog!I have so much to do and so little time to do it. I know some people down the street from me start putting their stuff up today as well so I wont feel so strange.


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