Mr Bush has made more enimies

November 01 2006

I think that alot of world leaders are voicing the opinions about the U.S.A. and from what I have gathered they are not mad at the general U.S. citizen but the Bush administration. Bush came into office and cause a big ole mess. He started a war that we seem to not be able to get out of. Gas prices went so high alot of people didn’t get to eat! People suffered in New Orleans after the hurricane. The lies and corruption that is still taking place. They(republicans) state that the Dem’s are to blame for everything but hey look who is in office right now! Also i read someplace that the rep. are getting donations from a gay porn king and I feel that is so wrong that they wont support anything gay but will take money from them…I have read in CNN.com that the country of Iran is not mad at the U.S.Abut mad at Bush and his office. The president of Iran is offering money to come visit the country.


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