Whats up with the Titans?

November 05 2006

I am not into football that much but I know the Titans havent had a good year in sooo long and I feel the reason is the players are more worried about going out drinking and causing problems. Thye represent this city and should act like an adult not a teenage punk. It seems that Pac man is always in trouble. Others are following his lead. Fisher needs to get his team back and get rid of the players that are acting thuggish. I feel they are paid very well and they should act like they are paid well. I feel that Pacman needs to really try to impress the city now since he has been into so much trouble. Doesnt he know that when he acts up its all over the tv and everyone from across the country knows what he did. This shit makes Nashville look like they cant find good players only THUGS!!! If I made millions of dollars I would be to scared to go out to a club in fear someone might rob me or I might do something to cause me to lose my job and my money. 37 to 7 lose is bad. Grow up Titans and get your asses on the field and win some games!!!


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