Set in my old ways now!

November 06 2006

Well everyone I had asked for a raise since money is tight and my boss told me that I had topped out already. I guess topping out in alittle over two years means I am doing my job. He did tell me last night that i can get more hours if I need them so what I have to do is come in on my nights off and find things to clean. I guess after a month or so the skate center will be as clean as when we first opened 24 years ago. I do know this much about myself…I would have gotten mad and quit right there on the spot if I had been younger. I was a rebel back in my day!! I used to get mad at whatever job and just up and quit but now I do have a great job with some of the best bosses around. I am going to try to get used to a 40 hour work week now. I am so used to working only 30 to 32 hours but hey it all comes out the same if I got a raise or work more hours. The boss man is a good man and will do whatever it takes to make his employees happy within reason. If my boss reads this I want him to know that I wont be quiting anytime soon..not to worry!! I will of course be at work when needed and I have yet to call out or take any time off in the 27 months that I have been at my job…THAT’S A RECORD FOR ME GUYS!!!…..now its time to get ready and go vacuum again tonight and look for something dirty to clean


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