Vote no on Amendment 3…

November 06 2006

You are asking me that you didnt know there is an Amendment 3 and I tell you oh you didnt know….well there really isnt an Amendment 3. I want to draw some attention to the Amendment 1. What if there was an Amendment 3 that stated that all hetrosexual marriages were being challenged by the government? Now for those that are voting yes on Amendment 1 you need to reconsider your vote and vote for what is right. Its not about gay marriage, it is really about equal rights for everyone. If everyone votes yes then they people gay straight yellow green that live together and are on each others insurance policy will be affected by this vote. I know alot of different people and we have to take a stand and vote what is right for this country. I went and vote last week and voted no because I feel that everyone should have equal rights since we all pay our taxes….


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