Why did you call?

November 07 2006

I worked last night and was sleeping so good until a phone call came in and the caller id showed 000-000-0000 and i knew I shouldn’t answer it but did. Well it was none other than everyone’s friend Oscar G. He was wanting me to vote for him which I had early voted. Well this isn’t the only time he has called here. I decided then to take action. I went online to google and did a search and the first site to pop up was his. Well the website description showed a number to call and guess what? I called it and had to leave a message. My message went something like this. ” I work nights and think it is very rude of you to call my house. I also told him I am on the do not call list and will turn him in for calling so much. I also went on to say that I hope he will take me off his little list today and not ever bother me again. I know today is election day and this will be the last day I hope he calls here but if he ever runs again I am taking action now to stop further actions of him. I also told him before hanging up that he wont ever get my vote now since he has bothered me so many times this month. I have done things like this before. when I get upset with something or someone I call them and let them know. Example when my food is messed up I call them, When I see a stupid commercial that the advertisers think we are stupid enough to watch their ignorant ad I call them ..i.e. hand-on etc. I guess working with the public for 24 yrs I have become accustom to the ignorant folks out there and I am taking a stand this year to let them know just how stupid they are!!!


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