8 years ago tonight!!

November 14 2006

Well its that time of year again for something that happened to me that was really bad! I AM ALOT BETTER NOW!! I will start by telling you the events that happened.

I was working in a bar as a d.j. and on Nov 14Th at 2:30 am I was there working and drinking heavily and then a young white guy and young black guy came in to the bar. I went over and introduced myself to them and they told me they were from Alabama and had to run somewhere really fast and would return before we closed. Well they returned and we talked alittle and decided to go across the street to an after hours bar and have another drink. Well I really didn’t need another drink for I had drank 7 pitchers of beer a few shots of hot damn and 2 rum and cokes. Yes I was drunk. Well I went ahead and invited them back to my home which I shared with my mother. In the stage I was in I wasn’t thinking very well. We got back to my place and the white guy said he was hungry and asked me where there was to get something to eat. I told him and he left. The black guy then started to make passes at me and I said no. Well the white guy came back and we all then decided to go ahead and go to sleep. Well I had passed out and next thing I know the white guy was on top of me with a star like ninja weapon knife and he told me he was going to kill me. I was able to focus much because I was bleeding so bad from where he took a wooden bar stool and hit me with such force that he damaged the ceiling. All I could think of then was my life and somehow I got up the courage and yelled for my mother which was upstairs and when she heard me she came across the floor which this guy heard her and went up after her. He put this weapon to her throat and forced her downstairs which then he told he to lay down on the bed. With my head in the floor bleeding my mother had no idea what I looked like. She being the kind person she is calmed this young man down and after about 20 minutes he was asked to leave which he did. My mother then went upstairs to call for help and I went up after her and told they stole my car and all I was worried about was my new car I loved so much! Well we went to the hospital and they had to pull pieces of the wooden bar stole from my forehead. I then found out I had a broken cheek bone and had lost 98% of my left eye. Well a week later after me calling all over to get the police to help me they called me back and told me that my car was found on Briley Pkwy wrecked. They also told me this white guy that hurt me had went to Opryland and got hired on and left his paperwork with all his personal info in the gloovebox. They then knew who did this to me. Well my parents told me we didn’t need to go to court for this would be all over the news and I somewhat agreed but we did go to court with a plee bargain. He got 5 yrs probation. Well in 2000 he got back into trouble with metro and had 12 counts against him he is now in west tn at the turney center for men and is due out in 2008. he was 19 at the time he did this to me and when he gets out he will older but will he be meaner or alot better person. I now have to start to worry again if this guy is going to be pissed at me and come and try to find me. But I hope he tries to find me for this time I am sober and can defend myself. This event has really changed me for I went through alot of stages of moods. I tried to kill myself for I was depressed over many things and then I got into the wrong group of people and got into CRACK and ECSTASY really bad. I woke up one Feb morning and decided this is not me and stopped everything cold turkey and moved into my mothers again. I want to thank my mother for everything she has done for me from saving my life and being there for me when I needed her. thank you mom!!!

Moral of the true story is hatered can kill and those that have so much hate need help!!! He did this to me because of my lifestyle…



  1. It’s a fear we do live with. You never know who you are really talking too. I am so sorry you went through this. It makes me mad that there are people out there like that.

  2. […] found recently that the guy that beat me up really bad back in Nov 2006 is out of prison on the charges he was put in there for which wasnt hurting me but other charges. […]

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