November 17 2006

Well everyone I havent post in what seems like weeks but it has only been a few days. I have taken on another job at the bowling alley in Smyrna and just in the last 2 days I have worked 22 hours between the rink and the alley. I guess you can say I am tired. There is a guy at the alley that told me last night that I am stepping on toes. I go in and work my ass off and he does not do shit!!. I guess this is making him look really bad but you know what? I dont give a shit! I am there to work and not socialize. Wed night he vanished for about an hour or so and we all knew he went somewhere to sleep. Last night I got down with the rink and went to the alley to work and nothing had been done. They were not very busy. I had my part done in an hour and a half and then he came to me and told me I was making everyone look bad and I was stepping on toes. Well I went right to the owner this morning and asked him if I was stepping on anyones toes. He laughed and told me I wasnt. We talked some and I didnt say anyones name so no one will get into trouble and cause problems for me. I just think this guy is such a jerk and lazy ass that he needs to be caught screwing off on the job. I work my ass off at whatever job i do and earn my money honestly!!….more of the drama to come as it happens…stay tuned!!



  1. I’m tired of just thinking about all those hours you’re working! Congrats on the 2nd job, by the way.

  2. I admire your motivation and hard work. Keep it up and you will be managing one of these places before long.

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