What do I do?

November 26 2006

OK everyone I have a problem I need help with. As most of you know I am working 2 jobs now. The first job I have been working for 29 months now and have maxed out on any more money per hour. the other job I can make as much as I want. I have worked over 70 hours since Monday and was suppose to go in wed to the rink to spot clean but didn’t. I didn’t call them because it was a holiday and no one was there. Well I did go to work there this weekend and today my boss called me and was mad as hell telling me I need to make a choice on which job I want. he went on to say he didn’t think it was right that he had to vacuum the floor on Friday before they opened. I told him I had not ever missed a day or taken a day off or called in sick and he told me ” your job doesn’t allow you to call in sick or take any extra time off” Well people I feel I have worked my ass off for this guy and I had requested a sat off and he said I couldn’t get it. He also went to say that I had put the rink on the back burner and put the bowling center on the front. Well this week I did because I wasn’t getting the hours at the rink but got 40 hours in 4 days at the bowling center. He went on to tell me that I need to take a few days to think about what I want to do and let him know. I had already thought about working full time for the bowling center for I am not doing all the cleaning by myself. So my question is this folks should I go ahead and turn my 2 weeks notice in and go full time with the bowling Alley or should I just tough it out and see what happens with the rink? I wont be able to get anymore money at the rink but have a good chance in going into management with the bowling center. hmmm I feel I should make the jump and do this but not sure. help!!!



  1. Tough decision. It seems to me that you already know what you want to do, but just haven’t admitted it to yourself. It’s hard to do that.

  2. GO FOR IT!
    But then again, easy for me to say, since it dosen’t affect me one way or another.
    But, I think you all ready know what you want to do and are just looking for confirmation.
    Go with your gut!

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