Update on me!

December 05 2006

I haven’t posted as much as I normally do and that is because I am working alot at the Smyrna Bowling Center and alittle at the rink. Since I have given my notice at the rink they have decided to cut my hours there. Instead of getting 30 hours a week I am now lucky to get 20 hours per week. I feel they are alittle upset with me now but I am only leaving them because I have topped out on any more raises and also the bowling center is paying half of my health insurance which the rink doesn’t offer insurance. gave the rink a 3 week notice but feel that I wont be there much longer for they are very cold towards me now they feel I have put them on the back burner which I haven’t. I clean like I am there full time and have not stopped doing my job. I am grateful that they did give a job when I really needed it and treated me great. I have to better myself with another job now and I feel that as long as I am happy where I work then everything is fine. I have been at the bowling center 3 weeks and already got a 50 cent raise and the gang at the bowling center is so happy I am there. I have made new friends and learning more about how to run a business. come out and see me sometime folks.


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