You should pay for your mistakes!

December 15 2006

I have always said that if you mess up then you should pay for your mistakes. I have been watching the news and they are still searching for the Mt Hood Climbers that are lost in a storm. There have been many stupid mistakes by others in the past and we the tax payers have to pay for them. Like people driving in high water when we all are told not to drive in high water. People doing stupid things that we have to pay for. I feel that things like this should be paid for by the people that are stupid enough to do these things. The climbers know its winter time and the Mt Hood area will be having alot of bad weather but why should we the people that don’t climb pay to rescue them? The weathermen tell us ” turn around don’t drown” but assholes still drive in high water and when they get rescued they say ” I didn’t know any better” how hillbilly can you be? Stop wasting our taxes you morons!!



  1. Gee, Mark, you are so freaking compassionate.

  2. I have compaasion but when people do stupid things it just eerks me. Would you go mountain climbing in the dead of winter? Now if it was a plane crash I would be like ok lets get these people off the mountain fast. There is so much wasted tax money going on that we cant even help the poor people with putting food on the table for them. I guess I have my own opinion about things.

  3. AMEN

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