Social Security for illeagls…no way…

January 05 2007

I just saw a report on CNN’S SITUATION ROOM and the report isn’t pretty about our Social Security. there is a new bill that Our president wants to sign into affect for illegals that work here and then retire. they will be able to get s.s. which is going to deplete the account even more so when i retire there wont be any for me! Now some of you will get upset with what I am saying but listen here it affects you as well. the illegals can come over here work tax free and then get services for for like education medical and now maybe Social security. this is very wrong. I want everyone to contact their local congressman now and tell them you don’t want them to vote on this!!! Mr bush has made a deal with the Mexican president for this to happen. I would love to go to another country illegally and work then go back to my native country and retire while getting money from the other country……Mexico is already getting alot of our companies moving there now this…THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!


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