money to be made….

January 17 2007

Now that most of the leagues have formed and are getting under way I want to let everyone know on the leagues that the ” STRIKE IT RICH” is now up to $2,988.00! If you are not on a league you still have another week or so to join just come by and talk with Kelly during the day or Candy or Edward on 2nd shift to see about joining one. Now for those that are not sure what strike it rich is then I will go into detail here about it!

Strike it rich is for anyone that bowls on a league. You come in to bowl the day of your league and while bowling your league games you may sign up and pay $2.00 extra and the staff will give you a blank score card and on this score card there are a number of strikes listed on different frames. Well you have to bowl the 3 games and if you get the strikes that are listed in each frame and it is verified by the staff then you will the amount …so right now if a league bowler comes in and hits all the strikes on the score card then they get $2,988

example—-1st game has strikes in frames 4.6.7
2nd game has strikes in frames 7,8,9,10
3rd game has strikes in frames 1,3,4,5

you get the picture. join now a league now or you will have to wait until spring league start up in 14 weeks.


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