found this to be alittle funny

March 06 2007

this was on the tennesseean.com’s website. I know a bomb theart isnt funny but the comment afterwards was funny please the followling to see what I found funny

THOMPSON’S STATION – Students at Independence High School have been evacuated due to a bomb threat.

Williamson County schools spokeswoman Carol Birdsong said administrators discovered a note on an assistant principal’s door indicating there could be a bomb in the building.

All students and teachers have been evacuated to fields away from the school while law enforcement officers conduct a search of the building.

Birdsong said parents should receive an automated phone message explaning the situation. Birdsong said all students are safe.

Fear not, Williamson County Parents, fresh out of rehab, Sherriff Ricky is on his way to restore the peace and order to I.H.S. – Maybe he can stop by his local pharmacy and pick up something (like Oxytcotin?) to help calm the frayed nerves of the students, faculty and parents. Afterwards, he and his posse can hand out D.A.R.E. pamphlets.

lol lol lol


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