Lighten up Nashville….

March 21 2007

I read some of the blogs everyday and most of them are so Politically correct that I don’t understand why some cant just lighten up alittle and have some fun on their blogs. Life is too short to be worried all the time if you fit in with everyone or your views on the politics are correct. Have alittle in your life people. I know a few good bloggers that do have fun with their blogs. Kathy T., Chip, Ivy and myself! do we really care if Fred is running for President? We already have enough folks running and we sort of already know who is going to be the front runner. If everyone took about an hour everyday and blogged about something funny then this world wouldnt be so crazy and the hate wouldnt be so bad!


One comment

  1. Ironically, tonight’s the night I posted something serious. Heh.

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