what kind of parent are you?

April 04 2007

I want to ask some of you that come here daily this question! What kind of parent are you? I ASK YOU THIS because my nephew hasn’t heard a word from his own mother in 7 weeks now. She wont call him or return his calls when he calls her. This is very sad for a little 11yr old boy that doesn’t understand why his own mother wont call.

I know she quit her job. got back with her abusive druggie husband and is fixing to loose her apt to live in. She is also one year behind in child support. What kind of mother is she? I think she is a poor excuse of a parent if you ask me myself. This woman has 3 other kids that she is raising and the oldest isn’t doing well in school and is in trouble with the law at the age of 14. He has been caught stealing, smoking, doing drugs, and fingering young girls already. This bitch doesn’t seem to think there is a problem and I wish someone with the state would be called to check on these kids!!!

I want each parent to take the time and give your kids a big ole hug today and cherish them daily for they didn’t ask to be brought into this cruel world…..love them as you want to be loved and show them the right way!!!


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