My thoughts on the V.T. shootings!!

April 18 2007

As I watched this horror unfold the last two days and I found out like so many of us that the shooters is not even an American I wonder now if the laws will be changed for all illegals and if our country now will take a stand and get everyone that is not legally here out of this great country!!!

Also I want to say this. I know the republicans are members of the N.R.A. and they should look at the laws about the guns that are in this country. Is it so easy for a madman to get a gun? This guy wasn’t even a citizen here but on a visa to go to our schools and learn and he did this to so many people. I feel that we need tougher gun laws!

I know some of you will think I am prejudice but I just want people that come to our country to be here legally. Seems to me that the ones that come here and use our country for health and learning do so illegally. President Bush needs to toughen the laws on guns now and not wait until the Dem come into office!!

My thoughts and prayer go out to those that have lost a child, friend, and family member. May you become stronger and help us take a stand to toughen the laws!!


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