get off you ass and get a real job!!!

May 08 2007

I hear that a local blogger got fired from his bloggin gig….awww poor thing…not really. I feel that for those that are paid for sitting and blogging are just plain to lazy to get up and get dressed and get to work at a real job!!! I work 6 to 7 days a week doing some manual labor and customer service work and I enjoy this work but when I hear soemone has gotten fired for sitting on their ass and writting a blog I dont feel sorry for them. This will probably piss some of the bloggers off but I really dont give a shit!! I just feel they should be out working as well and if they want to blog for cash then come home at night and blog for extra money!! this blogging thing is just a fad and most companies that are now paying for bloggers will end up cutting them when they see it really doesnt pay off as much as they think it does!!! If you have a family to support then you should be out there trying to make sure you have money coming in and benefits for them….so I say get off your lazy ass and get to work!!!


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