P.B.A is coming soon!!!!

May 19 2007

Hey everyone….Just got word that the P.B.A. is coming to the Smyrna bowling center and you, yes, you can actually get the chance to bowl with the pro’s! How would this come about that you can bowl with the pro’s? Well here is the scoop…..

on the weekend of June 22nd and 23rd you can come and bowl in the REGIONAL PRO-AM!! You will get to bowl 3 games with 3 different Pro’s. The entry fee will be as follows… for the youth it will be $20.00 and for adults it will be $30.00 the times are as follows as well…June 22nd at 6pm and then again at 8pm and on June 23rd at 7pm. This is a great oppurtunity to have with your family!! here are some more details…..

All bowlers will receive certificate with pros’ signature and scores.
Aggregate prize fund payout based on all adult pro-am entries(payout 1 in 5).
amateurs will bowl three games on the same pair of lanes with three different professionals.
amateur handicap will be 90% of 210. pro score will be no less than 200.
Amateur’s three game total pinfall(including handicap) will determine their final score.
Regional pba tour professional’s score will count towards amateur’s final score.

here is the breakdown of the cost….

$9.00 for lineage
$6.00 for expenses
$15.00 for prize fund

if your interested in doing this please feel free to come by and fill out a form soon for we are booking up fast and there is a great chance that this will fill up fast….for more info call us at 355-0501


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