A nosey f’ ing neighbor

May 22 2007

We have this neighbor that moved in a few weeks ago and they seemed like really nice people but things are not going so well. She is making enemies as we speak. Seems that she doesn’t like dogs! Well bitch, you should have checked out the neighborhood before you actually signed the papers for your home. We have a dog and the other neighbors have a dog as well. Both dogs are about 80 lbs each. They are not harmful dogs one is a black lab and ours is a ridge back. Our dog doesn’t leave the front yard plus we don’t let him out front unless one of us is out with him. This bitch has called P.A.W.S on us and stated that we let our dog run free. Well the guy from P.A.W.S came to tell us about this today and i let my dog outside and the dog stayed in the front yard. Plus the dog didn’t even bark when this guy rang the doorbell. Our dog never barks. We had to put in an alarm system because he doesn’t bark. We also put up a 6 foot fence last year in the back yard to keep in from roaming. Now the neighbors on the other side of us have 4 dogs and 2 are pit bulls and one German Sheppard and the other a mix with some pit in him. Why s this bitch so scared of our dog but not the pit bulls? If our dog is outside with us and she pulls up in her driveway we make our dog go inside but this bitch parks in the garage and closes the door so our dog is never a threat to her and her 2 yr old daughter. We have even ask them to come over and meet our dog. She refuses too!!! The ridge back is a friendly family dog and is one that doesn’t hurt anyone!!! This bitch is teaching her daughter to be afraid of dogs as well. This is not a good thing to live in fear all the time. Please tell me if this dog in the picture makes you afraid!!!


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