You dont deserve children…

June 02 2007

This woman must be really fucking stupid or something.

“Mother Arrested For Leaving Kids In Hot, Enclosed Car”
Police in Gallatin arrested a mother of four Friday for leaving her children in a hot car for more than an hour.

Officers responded to the Gallatin Department of Children’s Services at about 10:30 a.m. Friday and found the four children, ages two, three, five and seven, unattended in the vehicle.

The children’s mother, Judith Lane, was reportedly inside DCS.

The children, all reportedly in good condition, were nearing the point of heat exhaustion when they were discovered.

After running the car’s air conditioner for 10 minutes, the temperature inside the car registered at 105 degrees.

Going to the DCS office and leaving your children in the car is just asking to be arrested. My god what is wrong with people these days? Every summer there seems to be a few ignorant parents that there that leave their children in cars and most don’t make it out alive. Its all over the news all the time and parents I guess just dOnt watch the news or pay attention. If you do something like this then you really don’t deserve children. I hope they take her kids away from her for good!!!

All I can say is TRAILER TRASH BITCH!!!


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