Can you go back in time??

June 05 2007

Well folks I am back out of town again and yes I am in Cookeville. This place brings back so many memories to me from when I grew up and went to high school here. I can’t believe how this town has grown so much. It’s not like it used to be. I did actually meet up with an old high school friend last weekend and man did he change. I also found out he is gay. In school he was a geeky nerd and we talked alot but were’nt very close friends.

The one friend of mine from back then was my best friend and I cant find him. I think he went to vet school and moved away and married. We didn’t leave on best of terms. We ended up having a big fist fight and then stopped talking. If I was ever to see him again I would tell him I am sorry for kicking his ass!! I am right down the street from the old high school which also brings back memories for me. This part of the state is the most beautiful. If you ever get a chance to come up for a day visit you should. There is 3 area lakes here, Dale Hollow, Cordell hull, and Center hill lake! I will be back to my home in a few days to get back to work. I miss everyone from back then and wish I could go back IN time and redo alot of things in my life. If I had the chance I would finish school and go to college. I fucked up my life so bad but now I think I have found my glitch in life.

Tell me about your favorite high school memories and what you wish you could change about your life if anything?

Talk to everyone soon and have a great time this week..stay cool!!


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