A blogging campaign…for marriage for LGBT

June 13 2007

I just got this email from one of my readers and he asked that we do this for him and since I am so very busy with 2 jobs right now I am going to publish his email so the rest of you can read what this is all about and help out like I will try to.

Dear fellow LGBT blogger:

I’m writing because you’re one of the blogs I’ve read over the years and I am engaged in a new project to help one of the LGBT community’s best organizations, Freedom to Marry. All bloggers who write a post are eligible to win TWO copies of the collector’s edition DVD of Brokeback Mountain. I am also always looking for new blogs to highlight on PageOneQ, one of my two sites – more about that in a bit.

Today is the 40th Anniversary of Loving vs. Virginia, the historic Supreme Court case from 1967 that removed prohibitions against interracial marriages. In an effort to educate the community, a national LGBT organization, Freedom to Marry, has launched a provocative advertising campaign.

I hope you will consider writing a post and linking to the Freedom to Marry website. Each blogger who posts will be entered in the contest. The winner is free to use the DVD’s as they see fit, including using one or both as a giveaway on your site. Every blogger who posts, no matter what your traffic, has an equal shot to win the DVD’s.

To participate in the contest, just post about the anniversary of Loving v. Virginia with a link to the Freedom to Marry website and then send a link of your post to me at mrogers@p1nm.com. When linking to the Freedom to Marry Page, please use this link: http://tinyurl.com/yomc8f. That link will help us to track via a counter. (All blogs use the same link, so we do not track hits from any one site, just a total of all blogs.)

From time to time, I work with other groups and will have similar contest opportunities for LGBT blogs. If you’d like to continue to receive these mailings with no obligation, do nothing. If you’d rather not receive them, just click the unsubscribe link below..

Submitting items for PageOneQ: If you have original content of LGBT news, be sure to send a link for PageOneQ to contactform@pageoneq.com. We can’t possibly link to every site that gets submitted, but the site is updated numerous times per day and we try to include as much original content from bloggers as we can get on the page.


Michael Rogers


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