July 12 2007

I just read that the Lavergne national night out has been cancelled and I bet I know why many folks dont want to help out….Is it because the one person that works for the city is such a snob that she has made alot of folks mad with her and at her. She knows who she is and if she would be alittle more friendlier then she might get more respect from the people that live here. She represents the city of Lavergne but sometimes acts like a total “BOOB”. I say to her ” treat people like you want to be treated and you might see a diffence in people wanting to help out”

On another note some people that work for the city need to make sure that they treat the workers that are under them with respect and not be so vindictive towards them. My mother comes home alot now crying about how they treat her…enough said for now


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  1. Gosh Mark. I think you nailed it. I had more to say, but you don’t allow anonymous comments and I don’t want to be threatened AGAIN. But in seriousness, I think “snob” is the wrong word. The word I have in mind rhymes with Daisy.

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