I guess free speech doesnt mean shit!

August 05 2007

The other day I spoke my opinion and someone called me a name. well this person doesn’t know me and has no idea what I am thinking. I did write something about this person but deleted because i don’t want to step down to that level. If someone makes a statement about how they feel then others should just them say what they feel! I am not and don’t have time to argue back and forth with this person online for I do have a life to live and a job that calls for me to be there! If i offended this person then I am sorry but they should not go jumping to conclusions about someone and posting about it. We as a people should be able to speak as we wish because now adays the government is taking alot away from us anyways but they cant take our free speech away or can they? All I can say is everyone be carefull on what you say because some take it way way out of text!!!


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