My weekend trip….

August 14 2007

Hello all and I wanted to let everyone know about my trip to see my brother and his wife. This trip was not a vacation but a trip where it was requested that we come down to see my brothers wife. She has cancer of the breast which has spread to her liver her one eye and now we found out to her spine. This woman is remarkable. She has had cancer of the breast for 22 yrs and man she has survived this long and I feel she is a fighter. We left here on Friday morning after I got off work and had to pick up my father in Cookeville and head to Dunedin Florida which is west of Tampa. It was a very long drive but we made it in 12.5 hours and when we got there I was so glad to see my older brother. I haven’t been close to him because I didn’t know I had an older brother until about 1990 and since we live so far apart its hard to visit him. He and I seem to have clicked so well and we get along like you wouldn’t believe. He has accepted me as me and we love each other for who we are.

Now when we got there they took us to this alittle cafe in downtown Dunedin and man it was cute. The name of this little place is called Café Alfresco . I really enjoyed the food there. After dinner we walked a few blocks which the time was around 10:00 pm and I couldn’t believe the people that were out riding bikes and walking around. This little town is something like you would see off t.v. The people there treated us with so much courtesy and welcomed us and told us if there was anything they could do for us to let them know. I felt like I was part of this little town. The next day we went to a place for breakfast in the same area and man the food was great. This place called Kelly’s treated us great with a wonderful breakfast and the portions were large. They also have a cocktail lounge called Chic-a-boom room. It is something like you would see in New York City! They also have a nightclub next to that called Blur which I didn’t have time to go into and visit. The shops around the downtown area were cute and nicely priced. If ever in the area please stop by and say hi to these people and they will treat you great!!!

Now more about the trip with my brother. I was really happy to see him and know what he is going through and wish I could be there full-time with him to help for we are the only family he has for his own mother doesn’t even talk to him and My brother doesn’t even know where she lives at. This breaks my heart for him. I am going to go back for about 10 days in Oct to help him with things and make sure he is doing OK since his wife doesn’t have about one year to live which might even be shorter than that. only the lord knows when its time for her to go. I am really thinking about maybe moving down there to be with him but will have to take my time to decide if that is right for me. If you ask me right now I would say yes I am going to move there but I do need to make sure its the right choice for me.

Everything went well except for my father showing his ass this weekend and my brother and wife saw this and even said something to me about this. My brother told me he noticed that my dad is more worried about my dad’s wife than anything . My father is such a self centered ass and He would know what true love was if it hit him in the face. You would really have to know my father to understand what he is about. We had plans for a cookout with my brothers boss on Sunday but my father just had to get back to his car lot today so we had to cut our plans short and head back Sunday afternoon. We got to Macon Ga. and spent the night there and got up at 4am and I dove us through Atlanta and all the back to Cookeviile Tn which driving through Hotlanta is nothing I would recommend to anyone. Talk about stress these people think they are Nascar drivers…lol. well enough for now and I will port pictures soon so everyone can see my brother and his wife. thanks for reading today!!


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  1. It looks like the place you stayed is just beautiful.

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