Let’s be serious now for a minute ya’ll

August 25 2007

OK everyone, I want to take a few minutes to be serious about something that I think we will help this country. I am thinking about my vote for the election in 2008 and already know who I am voting for. I feel this country now needs to change and would be so much better off with a woman running it. We had a great few years with Mr. Clinton in office and I feel things will get so much better with Mrs. Clinton back running things with the help of her old man! Women seem to have something about them that calms people plus they know how to handle a budget better than any male. I hope to be writing more in the coming months about this subject and getting comments from you about who you are going to vote for. I have only voted once in my life and that was 2 years ago with some blogger buddies of mine, Kathy T. and Bad Bad Ivy. We had so much fun then voting and hope we can do it again next year!!


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