Sen. Craig is living a lie…

September 01 2007

Now most of you know I am not into politics but this really makes me mad and I want to express my feelings about this issue.

If this Senator is doing things like this and is married then he is living a lie and is putting his family in a situation that they need not be! How can someone be so shallow and vote against gays and then turn around and try to get sex from someone in a bathroom stall. I call this stupid!! Gays already have enough to worry about with the general public calling them names and now this guy is saying he isn’t gay. I call this man a closet case. There are many guys that are living lies and trying to be the perfect family man. Has society created the people to be so scared to be who they are? If you are gay then you are gay. You are born this way and if someone doesn’t accept the way they are then they go into denial and then they marry and have kids and then do things like this. I see alot of personal ads on sites saying married men looking for man to man sex. Guys if you are gay then why sneak behind your wife’s backs and do this? The women don’t want to be married to a gay guy so grow the hell up and accept your lifestyle for who you are!!

Now for this Senator’s wife. I feel so sorry for you being married to someone that can’t accept his life as who he is.

For those in politics…If you can’t do what the people have voted you to do then don’t run for office. Someone that votes against measures then goes and does the same thing should not serve in office!!!


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