A Special Email from the Brewers

September 22 2007

I got home this morning and found this email waiting for me. Brandon has a cold but he is still thinking about the fundraiser next week. We as adults really need to take the time and give this family our prayers. I want everyone to really do their best and try to come out next Friday night to show Brandon how much he is loved. This young man is not only a brave young man but a young man that easily gets embarrassed when he is talking about what is wrong with him. When he came to the bowling center the other day and I showed him the special wall of things about him his eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped. I know he was in shock with all the support that has already poured in for him. Come on Smyrna, La Vergne, Murfreesboro, and Nashville, Lets do our best to help this young man. When times are at their lowest friends and family seem to be their to help raise bad times up!!! Here is the email…….

Good Morning !
Brandon has managed to catch somewhat of a cold and for the last two days his pain has increased but nothing and no one will stop him from attending the fund-raiser! Brandon has been begging me not to hook him up to his iv’s that night but it is DEFIANTLY Not in his best interest but I got him to agree on SPECIAL tubing SOOO ~ I do need to let you know so that you can pass the word around that Brandon will be hooked up to his i.v. nutrition the night of the fund-raiser (over 12 hours) but I will have his machines and i.v. in a backpack which of course holds them. I will use vygon i.v. extension tubing which is a spiral tubing that weighs next to nothing . I plan adding two or three vygon’s so that he can go about 3-4 feet without having to tote his heavy back pack around and so that he can bowl as well . The problem~O > every one and I mean every one that is near him needs to be extremely careful as thi s tubing is very FRAGILE! It is also Hard to SEE even if you are an adult unless you are looking for it. If a child/adult walks fast / runs between Brandon and his backpack the likely hood of something bad happening to Brandon 99.9 % such as the cath being pulled out of his chest which is connected to his heart.. I don’t want you to be nervous and I will of course be there to try and make sure an accident of this nature does not happen but you can’t prevent everything. We need to make sure every one walks slowly around him at all times and to also try and view his tubing so that they won’t trip over it which is another thing that can likely happen. As long as everyone knows what Not to do I think it should go smoothly!! I’m not worried and he is so EXCITED!! He talks about the fund-raiser everyday and I get so much joy out of hearing him say ” I’m staying the whole 6 hours, ma!!! ” The smiles you ALL have put on my sons face, I will always treasure.
There have been times when I have almost lost Brandon and he proved all the doctors wrong but I always knew he had unfinished plans & people to meet. Brandon has got a lot of people to become organ donors over the last 12 years and I think we should set up a table with organ donor cards and information if we can as I think that is important to educate people. I can get free pencils pens and organ donor balloons , shirts (I think) just let me know if I can do this!!!
Thank you for caring & loving our Brandon the way we do. We appreciate you very much more than you will ever know!
I am truly blessed to be Brandon’s mother…


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