Do people really care?

October 03 2007

I have thought for quite some time on what to write about and here it is today. This might piss some people off but hey I am always one to do so. I have worked so hard on this fundraiser for Brandon Brewer and when the night of the event came around, I knew right then who really cared and who was my true friend. We had worked so hard to get media coverage for this and it was all over the web and only those that showed up or donated are true people in my book. I figured that at least some of the blogging community would step up but hey its a click type of world out there and i should have known better to even think that they would step up and help out this very sick child. Heaven forbid that they ever need anything from me. This really makes me think about what kind of people there are in this world. I think if everyone that blogs would have donated at least $10.00 we would have made alot more money to help this young man out. I know things do come up in one’s life so there is always time to donate to a great cause. Email me or comment if you still want to donate.

I want to give a big thank you to those that helped, Kathy T., Gunner, Michelle, Yvonne Moon, Senna Mosley, The Smyrna Bowling Center, My MOTHER, Wsmv, D.N.J, Rutherford reader, WGNS, FOX 17, and everyone that showed up to bowl. These people are true actual people in my book that do really care about those less fortunate. God will end up judging those that are like they are and in the long run we as a group that care will prevail!!


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